Amenities and Privileges

  • Master Membership (34 years of age & younger) entitles the member to unlimited club privileges and use of the club facilities, which includes the Arthur Hills Championship Golf Course, full access to the Clubhouse, golf practice areas* and swimming pool.
Clubhouse Golf Course Practice Areas Swimming Pool
* * * *

Fees & Dues
  • The non-equity initiation fee for our Master Membership - B is $4,000.00 payable $1,500.00 at time of application and then $312.50 per quarter for the next eight quarters.  The current dues are $290.00 per month.
Initiation Fee Monthly Dues F & B Monthly Minimum Spending
$4,000.00 non-equity $290.00** $225.00 per quarter
*Annual mandatory fees apply
**Master Membership classifications & dues will automatically change consistent with the member's age. 
Please inquire with Lauren Mitchell directly at or at 724-749-5392 for 2017 Membership Promotions.