Trying to beat the heat?  Take a dip in our pool or lay out on our cozy chaise lounge chairs and soak up the sun!  Our pool dining is a far more casual atmosphere.  Dozens and dozens of chaise lounges are outfitted with small tables, we have traditional 4 top dining poolside or a few dozen options for seating under a covered awning.  With an outdoor bar and large flat screen tv you can really make yourself at home!  With recent renovations completed, the pool complex is the PERFECT place for your child’s birthday party or graduation party.  Want to have an adults-only pool party with music, cocktails and grilling?  Fore more information, please contact Lauren Mitchell and our Hosptiality team will be happy to plan out and customize your event! 

Interested in Swim Lessons?  Swim Lessons will once again be offered, the cost is $120.00 per session (10 lessons per session) from 10am - 10:45am.  The sessions are as follows: 
Session #1:  June 19th - 23rd / June 26th - June 30th
Session #2:  July 3rd, July 5th - July 7th / July 10th - July 14th 

Please contact our Assistant Pool Managers Jim Reynolds and/or Amy Joyce at to register.  If you are interested in private swim lessons for your little one, please contact Joe Smiley at

The Swimming Pool will informally open the weekend of Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20th  from 11am - 7pm.  The Swimming Pool will officially open for the season on Friday, May 25, 2018.  We are a private Club open to current members and their guests.  
2018 Swimming Pool Hours of Operation
FRIDAY 11am - 9pm
SATURDAY & SUNDAY 11am - 7pm

1. Members and their guest(s) must abide by all swimming pool rules.  The Club Manager and Pool Manager have the authority to carry out pool regulations.

2. The use of the pool is limited to Southpointe Golf Club members, their children and their guests.  Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their children and guests.

3. At the red umbrella at the bottom of the pool steps, please stop and sign-in.

4. Weekday guest fees are $6.00 per person.  Saturday, Sunday and Holiday guest fees are $7.00 per person.  Children under the age of four (3) are admitted for free.  Members must accompany their guest(s).

5. Guest(s) may use the pool once per week, with the number of guest on any one day not to exceed four.

6. House guests and babysitters, when pre-approved by the Club Manager, may come to the pool more than once a week and pay the daily fee of $6.00.

7. Anyone known to be a carrier or suspected of being afflicted with communicable disease; eye, nose, or throat infection, skin disease, open cuts or sores, will not be admitted to the swimming pool grounds, as prescribed by State Law.

8. All children under twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Children above the age of six (6) must demonstrate their swimming ability to satisfaction of the pool staff before being permitted in the deeper end of the pool.

9. Members and guests are required to bring their own towels.  Locker room towels are not permitted in the pool area for use.

10. Swimming is permitted only during open hours of the pool and when a lifeguard is on duty.

11. All swimmers must wear proper swimming attire.  Cutoffs, dungarees, and Bermuda shorts are not considered appropriate swim wear.

12. Flotation devices are permitted for children up to the age of five (5).  Children without adequate swimming ability must be accompanied by an adult.

13. Bathing attire is not permitted in the Clubhouse terrace, porches, and the nearby property such as putting greens or any sections of the grille room,  lounge or dining rooms.

14. Pool toys appropriate for the water may be utilized.  No water guns.  Management discretion for all toys.  

15. Running, horseplay and general hazardous activity will not be permitted.  Pushing and dangerous games are not allowed.  Balls, frisbees and water guns are not permitted. 

16. All persons using pool furniture are required to use a towel when using suntan lotion. 

17. Members and their guests shall not bring food or beverage from the outside.  Glasses, bottles, containers, and COOLERS are not permitted in the pool area.  Dispose of all trash in the receptacles.  Please cooperate in keeping the pool area attractive. 

18. The club is not responsible for the loss of personal property.

19. Pets are not permitted in the pool area.

20. Request, complaints or suggestions should be made in writing and addressed to the Pool Manager and / or Club Manager. 

21. All children 12 & under are not permitted in the men’s and ladies locker rooms.